José Manuel and Luís Miguel Nunes Barata 

Nunes Barata is a wine project located in Cabeção (Upper Alentejo, in the north region of Portugal). Due to its exceptional terroir, is an area with a unique background in the production of high quality wines, full of character and is known for its famous wines made in clay pots. Here, the vineyard and the wine were, since always, the main economic activity.


The brothers Luís Miguel and José Manuel represent the seventh generation of the family Nunes Barata. The family has a strong tradition in the wine production business, that goes back to the beginning of the 19th century.





Cabeção is a traditional wine growing area for Alentejo wines. The unique climate and soil conditions together with well adapted grape varieties to the terroir made us decide to produce wine once again, with state of the art technology, in the same place where our grandparents started the project in 1836. Luís Miguel and José Manuel Nunes Barata